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Metal detector XP DEUS (Coil 22cm X35, WS4, Block)

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The XP Deus metal detector is a technological breakthrough and a true innovation in metal detectors and metal detectors.

A wireless coil and wireless headphones that are unique...

  • Description

    The XP Deus metal detector is a technological breakthrough and a true innovation in metal detectors and metal detectors.

    A wireless coil and wireless headphones that are unique in that they communicate with each other using a digital radio channel. The search coil contains all the necessary components for signal processing. Already digitized and analyzed signals are transmitted over the radio channel to the metal detector control unit, which transmits the signal to the headphones. This scheme greatly improves the quality of the search.

    Turn off the control unit and XP Deus will continue to work!

    The WS4 and WS5 headphone technologies allow you to monitor the status of the transmitter on the coil, allowing the detector to be used in an even more portable configuration. XP Detectors is the only manufacturer to offer two wireless headphone options for their metal detectors. Both WS4 and WS5 share the same features and custom controls. In the absence of a remote control (unit), the headphones allow you to adjust all the basic search parameters.

    XP Deus features:

    • 4 frequencies: 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz + frequency offset;
    • Adjustable power and speed of the metal detector (the ability to set parameters 2 and 3 times faster / higher or slower / lower than similar parameters for GoldMaxx Power);
    • Sound target identification, metal level, multi-tone, deep targets (many additional functions in the "Expert" menu item);
    • Setting the ground balance (modes "Tracking", "Manual setting", "Surface area", "Beach", etc.);
    • Dynamic or static search mode in pinpoint positioning mode;
    • Extended and very accurate detection area for ferrous metals;
    • Factory settings (for quick start) and flash memory of individual user programs. 9 built-in plug-and-go programs;
    • Wireless digital communication, automated communication system (36 channels);
    • Ultralight detector weight: 970 grams with accessories;
    • Remote control strap weight: 870 grams;
    • Pocket size remote control (block) with magnetic mount;
    • Screen backlight;
    • Convenient and intuitive user interface;
    • Belt bag included;
    • Standard USB connection for charging and software configuration. And also for Internet access;
    • Miniature lithium batteries weighing 7 grams;
    • Fast battery charging: charging time for all 3 batteries at the same time is 90 minutes;
    • Search coil operating time: up to 12 hours (depending on power and frequency);
    • Operating time of the remote control and wireless headphones: up to 20 hours;
    • The DD search coil is made of lightweight and sealed carbon fiber; "Emergency" mini-charging directly in the field from one AA AA battery (not included);
    • Optional car charger (not included). Can be purchased separately.


    • Control block;
    • Search coil 28cm X35;
    • Headphones WS4;
    • Bar set with armrest;
    • Charger from the 220V network;
    • Clip adapter for charging the coil;
    • Cover for the control unit.
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