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Metal detector Minelab Manticore

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Minelab MANTICORE new in 2022 from Minelab is an underwater multi-frequency metal detector with improved Multi IQ+ technology, which makes this metal detector the most powerful among...

  • Description

    Minelab MANTICORE new in 2022 from Minelab is an underwater multi-frequency metal detector with improved Multi IQ+ technology, which makes this metal detector the most powerful among Minelab metal detectors operating at multiple frequencies simultaneously. The increase in capacity is up to 50%.

    The Minelab MANTICORE metal detector has absorbed all the best from EQUINOX and CTX 3030 series devices. The golden mean is combining all the advantages of the two top-end lines of Minelab metal detectors.

    Powerful Multi-IQ+ for greater accuracy, greater depth and more finds. Fast response with exceptionally clear separation of goals. Extended discrimination with improved target ID numbers. Intuitive 2D ID MAP display for customizable controls. Waterproof (IP68), lightweight (1.3 kg), with a compact length (63 cm).

    What's new in the metal detector:

    • Increased battery - 6000 mAh;
    • Improved technology - MULTI IQ+;
    • Increased signal recovery speed;
    • Increased resistance to electrical interference;
    • Automatic brightness adjustment of the display backlight;
    • Block keyboard backlight + vibration;
    • Two-dimensional display map, for clearer definition and presentation of the target;
    • Improved ergonomics, new armrest and new telescopic carbon rod;
    • Lightweight - 1.3 kg. - weight in assembled condition;
    • New M11 Coil (11" Round DD) included;

    Features of Minelab MANTICORE:

    • MULTI IQ+: The latest version of the Minelab multi-frequency technology increases power by 50%. Manicore is the most powerful multi-frequency detector on the market among Minelab.
    • QUICK RESPONSE: Fast and confident target identification to efficiently sort trash and treasure with exceptional target separation performance.
    • POWERFUL TWO-DIMENSIONAL TARGET IDENTIFICATION MAP (2D ID MAP): Target identification with improved visual and audio understanding of targets.
    • IMPROVED DISCRIMINATION: An exceptionally accurate target ID allows you to quickly and confidently accept or reject a find.
    • WIRELESS AUDIO: Clear detection with sound control settings to confidently identify targets, reduce noise and cut off debris.
    • IMPROVED SEARCH MODES: More than 10 preset search modes. Plus the ability to customize up to 10 custom modes according to your specific needs.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND WATER RESISTANCE: Powerful yet lightweight, the Manticore weighs only 1.3 kg and includes a three-component compact carbon fiber barbell. Water resistance up to 5 m.
    • INTUITIVE INTUITIVE OPERATION: Large LCD display provides convenient viewing and clear navigation.
    • INCREASED RESISTANCE TO ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE: In difficult conditions, improved suppression of electromagnetic interference gives a higher sensitivity for determining targets.
    • GOOD CHOICE OF COILS: Comes with M11 coil (11 inch round double DD coil). Separately, you can purchase an M8 coil (8x5.5-inch elliptical DD) or an M15 coil (15x12-inch elliptical DD).
    • BACKLIGHT AND VIBRATION FUNCTIONS: Keep searching even when the sun is setting with functions such as the control unit's flashlight, auto-adjustable display backlight, backlit keyboard and handle vibration.
    • CLEAR SOUND: The built-in external speaker delivers crystal clear sound and comes with low-latency wireless headphones.

    Full technical specifications of Minelab MANTICORE:

    • Detection modes (configurable) - Common (5), Beach (4), Gold (1);
    • Operating Frequencies - Multi-IQ+, 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 40 kHz;
    • Noise Reduction - Auto, Continuous Auto, Manual (-9 to +9);
    • Ground Balance - Auto, Manual, Tracking;
    • Sensitivity - from 1 to 35;
    • Target Identification - Conductive: 0-99 with indication of iron;
    • 2D Identification card - A two-dimensional identification card system with target tracing;
    • Tones - 1, 2, 5 - Tone | 1, 2, 5 - All tones;
    • Tone levels - from 0 to 25;
    • The goal step is from 1 to 50;
    • Iron tone - from 0 to 25;
    • Iron pitch - from 1 to 50;
    • Audio Themes - Normal, Improved, Continuous;
    • Sound Profiles - Simple, Medium, Rich, Overdrive;
    • Threshold level - from 0 to 25;
    • Threshold step - from 1 to 50;
    • Recovery rate - from 0 to 8;
    • Iron limits - Upper: 0 to 14 | Lower: 0 to 9;
    • Custom iron limits - from 1 to 4;
    • Shortcuts - Programmable keys: 2 (action bar), 1 (user button);
    • Depth indicator - 5 levels;
    • Rod- 3-component easy-folding carbon fiber;
    • Maximum length (unfolded) - 1440 mm;
    • Minismal length (folded) - 630 mm;
    • Weight - 1.3 kg;
    • Standard Coil (M11) - 11-inch round Double-D with protective (water resistant to 5 m);
    • Audio - Built-in speaker | 3.5mm (1/8") headphones | Wireless headphones with low Latency;
    • Headphones (included) - Minelab ML-105 wireless headphones with low latency (not waterproof);
    • Display - Color LCD display;
    • Display backlight - Manual (from 1 to 10), automatic adjustment;
    • Keyboard backlight - Yes;
    • There Is A Flashlight. Levels: Low, Medium, High, Off;
    • Vibration of the handle - Yes;
    • Battery - Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery - 6000 mAh;
    • Battery life - Approx. 9 o'clock;
    • Battery charging time - Approx. 7 o'clock;
    • Waterproof - Water resistant up to 5 m., IP68;
    • Key Technologies - Multi-IQ+ (Simultaneous high-power multi-frequency transmission);
    • Accessories included - USB charging cable, 5 screen protectors, 3.5mm headphone audio cable, headphone case;
    • Software Update - Yes, via USB connection (compatible with Windows or Mac OS).

    The complete set of this delivery:

    • Round DD-coil 11 inches M11 with protection — waterproof up to 5 m;
    • Wireless headphones with low latency and a case;
    • Accessories for wireless headphones — audio cable and charging cable;
    • Magnetic USB charging cable;
    • 5 protective coatings per screen;
    • Getting Started Guide.

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