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Metal detector Scuba Tector PRO

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The Scuba Tector Pro underwater metal detector is designed for underwater search enthusiasts, and is also the most versatile and easy-to-carry underwater detector.

This model differs...

  • Description

    The Scuba Tector Pro underwater metal detector is designed for underwater search enthusiasts, and is also the most versatile and easy-to-carry underwater detector.

    This model differs significantly from the previous one in many respects. Super compactness for transportation and storage, replaceable spools, reliable housing with a tightness indicator, simple and convenient operation. The detector operates at a frequency of 95 kHz, Pi technology (induction). Built-in battery with Type-C charging. Sound, light, and vibration indication for finds. Built-in module for communication with wireless headphones (wireless communication is possible only on land, does not work under water). To illuminate the working area, the metal detector has a built-in LED flashlight.

    The mini metal detector is designed for beach searching, including saltwater searching. The device can withstand immersion under water up to 60 meters. Also, Quest Scuba Tector PRO can be used to search in abandoned houses, trenches, and any other search places where the space does not allow the use of conventional metal detectors (due to the size).

    Quest Scuba Tector PRO reels are replaceable. The manufacturer immediately offers a choice of two options: round and superellipse.

    The handle moves 180°. Thanks to the patented double attachment system, the Quest Scuba Tector Pro mini metal detector has a special protection of the wire from kinks or any other damage. The handle can be fixed at any convenient angle of inclination.

    Search underwater and on land! The handle can be fully tilted 180 ° for comfortable underwater search or 90 ° - 110 ° for standard land search using various accessories. For example, an overland search bar.

    Super compact size. The new Quest Scuba Tector PRO detector and the simple Scuba Tector in working order are approximately the same length. Despite the fact that the Pro version coil is 2 times larger. When folded, Quest Scuba Tector PRO is x2 times smaller! The Scuba Tector Pro is very easy to fit anywhere and can be carried anywhere and anytime.

    New coil. Existing analogs usually have search coils no more than 14 cm. In the new Quest Scuba Tector PRO, the coil is 2 times larger - 25 cm. This increased coil size allows you to process significantly more soil at a time. The sensitivity to small finds of the new coil exceeds that of its competitors, and is not inferior to the most sensitive of the ground search category.

    Perfect control. Quest Scuba Tector PRO has intuitive and very simple controls. Improved controls have been made more practical for search engines, both beginners and professionals. Convex illumination lenses guarantee a wider illumination area under the coil. Convenient and bright notification of the battery status, as well as a convenient depth scale from three bright LEDs that are clearly visible underwater.

    Maximum water resistance. The Quest Scuba Tector PRO design is completely sealed and meets international standards for protecting the case of devices capable of submerging tens of meters under water. The cover is equipped with 2 rubber bands. Such a solution is guaranteed to keep the electronics from water, dirt, atmospheric influences and salt. For complete peace of mind for the owner of this mini detector, the junction of the handle with the lid has a transparent area (leakage marker), where it is easy to check the tightness of the device.

    Super-tech design. The detector handle is embossed and ergonomically coated for better grip, even with diving gloves. In general, the body of the metal detector is designed with a specific purpose in mind, providing high water flow for reduced resistance.

    Detachable coil. The electronic grip is fairly easy to remove and attach to another suitable reel. You will be able to select and install a coil for your search purposes.

    Built-in battery and universal charging. The detector is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be easily recharged via the Type-C connector under the cover. Two-way charging and high-quality battery guarantee the device's operation for many years. There are also buttons for selecting the mode and resetting the settings under the cover.


    • Working principle: PI;
    • Working frequency: 95 kHz;
    • Submersion: 60 meters in fresh or salt water;
    • Dimensions: 43x9x6 cm unfolded and 25x9x6 cm folded;
    • Weight: 480 g.;
    • Coil: 9x25 cm. Mono;
    • Battery: Built-in 3.7V 500mAh lithium polymer;
    • Setting: automatic;
    • Target indication: audio / vibration, the closer to the object, the stronger the signal;
    • Controls: on / off button, mode selection button (vibration, sound, vibration + sound), power indicator, display;
    • Control modes: mode for shallow water 0-10 meters or beach, mode for deep water swimming 10-60 meters.


    • Metal detector Quest Scuba Tector PRO;
    • USB Type-C charging cable;
    • Trench leash with a strap for attaching to a belt;
    • Leash with wrist loop;
    • Carrying case bag;
    • Additional rod adapter;
    • A set of bolts for attaching additional rods and coil mounts;
    • Carabiner bolt;
    • User's Manual.
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