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Metal Detector Quest V80 Metal Detector Quest V80

Metal Detector Quest V80


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The new Quest V80 metal detector is equipped with the new HyperQ multifrequency technology.

  • Up to 80Khz HYPERQ multi-frequency
  • Flat-foldable telescopic shaft system
  • Gorilla...
  • Description

    The new Quest V80 metal detector is equipped with the new HyperQ multifrequency technology.

    • Up to 80Khz HYPERQ multi-frequency
    • Flat-foldable telescopic shaft system
    • Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil
    • Fast automatic noise canceling
    • Haptic feedback vibration
    • 400x240 pixels display
    • Embodied gyro sensor
    • 5M waterproof ability


    HYPERQ: Transmit multi essential frequencies ranging from 7 to 80kHz to the ground, simultaneously.

    Higher detection frequency. The HYPERQ platform is able to deliver multiple frequencies, including signals up to 80kHz, simultaneously to find fainter targets deeper with higher precision in difficult conditions. This is possible due to its use of a high-performance micro-controller unit(MCU) with a 480MHz speed Cortex-M7 STM32H750 series, as well as a low latency and low noise 4 channel 768kHz sampling rate ADC5140 from Texas Instruments.

    Higher processing speed. The V80 machine is able to generate and transmit frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, and 60, thanks to its powerful MCU and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) unit. Additionally, this combination allows for the processing of multiple targets simultaneously and quickly reporting the most valuable results.

    Auto noise canceling. The high-speed processing capability enables us to run high-accuracy automatic noise cancellation with just one click. It will select the quietest channel for the upcoming detection in just 10 seconds.


    Versatile, Waterproof and HyperQ
    The V80's HyperQ technology is able to send multiple search frequencies of a wide spectrum into the ground at the same time to find smaller objects with higher precision even in difficult ground conditions. You can also set the V80 to a single search frequency, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 or 60 kHz. Combined with its five search programs (Park, Field, Beach, Gold and Cache) and its waterproofing up to 5 meters, the device is versatile. Ideal for people with a variety of search goals, such as those who are field searchers (looking for coins and fine antiques) as well as beach searchers, water searchers, military searchers and gold seekers. Or someone who, in addition to regular use, likes to take their detector to distant seaside resorts, mountains, or extreme mineral deposits. Are you such a versatile prospector? Then the V80 is the perfect detector for you!

    Built-in gyro sensor
    You can instruct the detector to start ground leveling automatically without manually pressing a button. Then all you have to do is find a spot where there is no metal and pump the coil up and down. The gyro sensor will detect this movement and then perform automatic ground balancing. You can also set the V80 to automatically enter power save mode when the coil is not moved for 5 seconds. When you move the coil again, it will automatically activate.

    The V80's display is backlit in multiple levels, so you can always read all the information on the clear display, even in bright sunlight. Unlike other matrix pixel displays, the reflective LCD consumes less power, saving energy so you can search longer.

    Compact design
    The V80 has a 4-piece telescopic carbon arm that is very compact and can retract up to 49 cm, making it much easier to transport and store. The armrest can be easily moved or removed from the handle with two screws. The handle, to which the control unit is attached, can be easily adjusted with the help of a snap lock. Once extended and adjusted to your size, the V80 design is perfectly balanced for a comfortable search experience.

    Blizzard Search Coil
    The V80 is equipped with the latest 28 x 26 cm Blizzard11 coil. This double-D coil is lightweight and rugged, offering deeper penetration and greater resistance to mineralization. (An optional 24 x 14 cm Blizzard9 is available, which is included in the V80 bundle in addition to the Blizzard11.)

    Different tone settings
    If you want to identify buried objects through tones, you can set this on the V80 according to your personal preferences. Namely, you can select how many different tones you want to hear, choosing between 2, 3, 5 and 99 tones. You can also set the tone thresholds of these tones, such as a low tone for conductances from 1 to 25, a medium tone from 26 to 70, and a high tone from 71 to 99. In addition, you can also adjust the volume and pitch for each tone.

    Built-in Lithium Battery
    The V80 has a built-in 5600 mAh lithium battery, which has more power and can be easily charged with the included USB Type-C charging cable. The battery life is 10 to 15 hours.

    Automatic Interference Cancellation
    With the V80, you can quickly and easily perform one-button interference cancellation, which searches for the frequency channel on which no or low interference is received in 10 seconds.

    Fully Waterproof
    The advanced design is fully waterproof to a depth of 5 meters underwater. This allows you to search with your V80 metal detector in all weather conditions and terrain with ease, even underwater. If your detector gets dirty while searching or you have searched in salt water, you can rinse it completely under the tap.

    User-friendly with many settings
    Despite its many setting options, the V80 is a user-friendly and easy-to-use metal detector that is suitable for all users. It has 5 different search modes and all the important functionalities such as pinpoint function, discriminate/notch function, object identification guide value from 1 to 99, volume control, ferrous bias, threshold, detection speed and even has vibration function as detection signal. Ideal for underwater search and for those searching in noisy environments or with limited hearing.

    No more pesky wires, as the Quest V80 has a built-in wireless module and comes with wireless Quest Wirefree Pro headphones. These headphones are adjustable, extremely comfortable and cover your entire ears so you can fully concentrate on the sounds.


    • HyperQ multi-frequency 5/10/15/20/40/60kHz
    • Carbon shaft
    • 28x26cm double D Blizzard coil
    • Wirefree Pro Bluetooth headphones
    • 5 search programs (park, field, salt water, cache, gold)
    • 9 iron tone levels
    • 4 tones (2/3/5/99)
    • Recoveryspeed adjustable in 9 levels
    • Saltwater suitable
    • Ground level adjustment - autotracking + pumping
    • Vibration in handle
    • Coil illumination

    Technical data:

    • Weight - 1160-1266 grams
    • Display resolution - 400x240 pixel LCD
    • Frame - Carbon
    • Coil - 28x26cm Blizzard double-D incl. coil protector
    • built-in gyro sensor for ground tracking
    • built-in 5600mAh battery for 10-15 search hours
    • Wirefree Pro Bluetooth headphones
    • Frequencies - 5/10/15/20/40/60 kHz

    Delivery set:

    • Quest V80 metal detector
    • Quest Pro Bluetooth headphones
    • Blizzard double D 28x26cm coil
    • Coil protector (already mounted)
    • Charging cable
    • Manual
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