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Bounty Hunter Junior Kids

Looking for a great low cost metal detector to introduce your child to the hobby of metal detecting? This rugged, easy to use unit from Bounty Hunter is the right choice. This tried and true metal detector is easy to use and folds down to a child sized length.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

High-end features in a mid-range detector. The Lone Star Pro comes with an 8" waterproof concentric coil with LCD display and touch-pad operation. Features include adjustable sensitivity and discrimination, 9 target ID categories, a graphic target depth indicator and a multiple Notch system. The stem is fully adjustable and includes a locking collar. It operates on a single 9 volt battery.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro

Looking for a metal detector that offers versatility without sacrificing valuable features? Look no further than the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector. With the Quick Draw Pro, you will have 9 Target ID Categories, adjustable Sensitivity, Full Discrimination Capability, a Multiple Notching System, and Pinpoint Mode at your finger tips.

Bounty Hunter Gold

Great for beginning prospectors! The Gold Digger is just the ticket for any entry level gold prospector, relic hunter, coin shooter, and treasure hunter.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger PRO

The Bounty Hunter Premier Detector comes with our legendary 11" DD search coil. The LCD display has 43 Target ID icons (3 for Iron) with 0-99 numerical Target ID numbers and 4 Audio ID tones. It has a 5 segment active depth indicator and a Pin Point Mode that displays depth inches.